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How to Connect your Quiz to Campaign Monitor

If you use Campaign Monitor as your software for marketing, you can now send the emails collected by your Fyrebox quiz instantly to a list. Connecting both accounts is easy, you just need to click on a few buttons. To get started, you need:

Step 1: Allow Fyrebox to access your Campaign Monitor account

The first step is to visit the page with all the integrations and select "Yes" on the button Campaign Monitor

Fyrebox - Campaign Monitor Integration

At that point, you will be redirected to the login screen:

Campaign Monitor Authorisation

After logging in, you need to allow Fyrebox to manage your lists and import your subscribers. This is required to display all your lists and add a subscriber to a list.

Fyrebox Campaign Monitor Integration

After allowing Fyrebox to "Manage lists" and "Import Subscribers", you will be redirected to your account page:

Fyrebox Campaign Monitor  Authorisation

After having successfully connected both accounts, you need to set up your quiz to send data directly to a list.

Step 2: Connect your quiz to a list

Visit the edit page of your quiz and scroll down to the "Integrations" section.

Fyrebox Campaign Monitor List

After having selected one or more lists, the quiz will send the contact information of the players automatically to the list you have selected. You can also use segmentation, which allows you to send the contact information of the players to different lists, depending on the score of the player.For more information, read our article about using segmentation.

If you have any problem connecting both accounts or sending the players' contact information to a list, please contact us. You can do so by using the green question mark displayed on the bottom right corner of each page of this website.

If you have never heard of them: Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software that enables email marketers to create, send, manage, and track branded email campaigns for themselves and their clients. Features include email automation, reporting, responsive email templates, dynamic content, A/B testing and more. Campaign Monitor integrates with 250 different web apps including Salesforce, Shopify, Magento and now Fyrebox. Read the Wikipedia Article

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