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How to Connect your Quiz to ConvertKit

If you use ConvertKit as your email marketing provider, you can now send the leads collected on your Fyrebox quiz instantly to any form(s). Connecting both accounts is as easy as flipping a switch. In order to get started, you need:

  • A Fyrebox account (Pro Plan)
  • A quiz generating leads
  • A ConvertKit Account

1. Copying your ConvertKit API key to authorize Fyrebox to access your forms

The first step is to visit the account page on  the ConvertKit website and copy your API key as shown below:

convertkit api key

2. Testing the connection

On your fyrebox account page, enter your API key in the field along with your email address, and push the test button. If the connection passed, a tick mark will be displayed as shown below:


3. Selecting one or more forms

On the edit page of your quiz, in the integrations section, flip the switch below the ConvertKit icon and select the form(s) you want to send the leads to. We also support Segmentation, which allows you to send the leads to differents forms according to rules you defined.


From then on, all leads collected in your quiz will be sent directly to the form(s) you selected.

If you have never heard of it: All the major email marketing companies are generic. From cupcake shops, to design agencies, to plumbing companies, they are trying to serve every type of business. Instead of a perfect-for-you solution you wind up with a mass of features that aren’t a good fit for anyone, especially not bloggers.
So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something built for bloggers… a tool that makes it easy and obvious to grow your business through email marketing.
Think of ConvertKit as best practices by default.

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