If you use Soundest as your email marketing provider for your e-commerce website (if not, you definitely should!), you can now send the leads collected on your Fyrebox quiz instantly to any list. Connecting both accounts is as easy as flipping a switch. In order to get started, you need:

Step 1: Creating an API key to authorise Fyrebox

The first step is to visit your account page on Soundest and create an API key as shown below:

soundest api key - fyrebox

Just make sure you create an API key that let Fyrebox get all the lists you created and allow Fyrebox to create subscribers.

Step 2: Testing the connection between Fyrebox and Soundest


Enter your API key in the field, and push the test button. If the connection passed, a tick mark will be displayed:


Step 3: Selecting a Soundest list

On the edit page of your quiz, in the integrations section, flip the switch below the soundest icon


From then on, all leads collected in your quiz will be sent directly to the list(s) you selected.

If you don’t know Soundest: Email marketing automation workflows allow you to contact your customers with personalized messages at the best time. It saves your time and increases your campaign performances with unique Soundest features (scratch cards,…) and you can customize signup forms are refreshingly easy to use even for non-techies.