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How to Create a Multi Scoring Quiz

What is a multi-scoring quiz

A multi scoring quiz allows you to create categories and to assign a category for each question. Each point earned for each question will be assigned to the category you selected. You can then define rules for each score obtained in each category and display a specific message or send the leads to a different list. A typical example of a multi scoring quiz is the Myer-Briggs quiz.

How to create a multi-scoring quiz

Here are the steps to create a multi scoring quiz

  • Enable the multi scoring option when you create your quiz
  • Create all the categories
  • Assign a category for each question
  • Create the rules

Here are the details of each step.

1. How to enable the multi scoring option

The multi scoring option has to be enabled when you create the quiz, on your dashboard. You can see an example on the screenshot below:

2. How to create the categories

On the content page of your quiz, you can create the categories of your quiz. Each category will have the reference name "Cxx". The name will allow you to assign each category to a question. There is a limit of 5 categories per quiz. You can see the creation of categories below:

3. How to assign a category for each question

After you have created all your categories, you can assign a category for each question. The menu to select a category is displayed directly on the question. You can see the screenshot below:

4. How to create a rule

To create a rule, scroll down to the completion and click on the "Add rule" button. When you configure the rule, you can select the category or categories and the score for each category using the slider. An example is shown on the screenshot below:

Your quiz is now ready. Test it to make sure all your rules work correctly and if you need any help, click on the help button located on the lower right corner of any page.

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