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  • Contact Us / Visit Us

    There are many ways to contact us or visit us:Send us a support request from any page on the fyrebox websiteSend us an email at info[at]fyrebox.comVis [...]

  • Did you say Quiz Maker? How it can benefit your Business

    There are many advantages in using a quiz maker. It makes it easy to create customized quizzes for your website and facebook page. A quiz is  a great [...]

  • Data Safety

    Data safety is important to us. All pages of our website are served with an SSL certificate meaning all the data transfer cannot be interpreted.When y [...]

  • Fyrebox Premium Plans

    Upgrading to a Fyrebox Premium Planf you decide to subscribe to one of the Fyrebox premium plans, your credit card will be charged monthly on the same [...]

  • Your Quiz in 19 Foreign Languages

    Fyrebox is available in 39 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese,... It will detect the [...]

  • Create Your First Quiz with Fyrebox

    Upon signing up, you will land on your dashboard. There, you can select a quiz based on the goals you are trying to achieve. Here is the description f [...]

Create Quizzes

  • How to Create Multi-language Quizzes

    The multi-language quiz option allows you to create a quiz in different languages and show automatically the proper version to the user. [...]

  • Choosing a theme

    You can edit the look and feel of your quiz thanks to our “Look & Feel”  editor or you can select an existing theme. A theme is basically a stock imag [...]

  • The Scenario Quiz or “Product Recommendation Quiz”

    The scenario quiz is the most complex quiz we offer and thus deserves a bit of explanation. In short, it lets you ask questions depending on the previ [...]

  • Using a Template

    Creating a quiz can be daunting. You have to find the content and the design (color, background, buttons position).To help you get started, we have ad [...]

  • Export Players Data to more than 500 third party software

    You can export the contact information collected in your quiz to 500+ third party services automatically including CRMs, email responders and others. [...]

  • Editing the content of your quiz

    Editing the content of your quiz is done in a simple form. You can change the instructions (or leave the default one based on the language you selecte [...]

  • Create a Rule-Based Quiz

    There are two ways to specify how the players can win/lose your quiz (Yes/No, MCQ and MCQ1+). You can specify a pass mark or define rules. Rules allow [...]

  • How to Create an Image Quiz

    An image quiz is  a quiz that has a different background image for each question. To create an image quiz, just select any quiz that supports it (Yes/ [...]

  • Editing the look and feel of your quiz

    There is a rule in the world of quizzes, the more attractive your quiz is, the more people will play it. That’s why we give you so many options to cus [...]

  • Do you Need a Quiz for your Wix Website?

    If you own or manage a website powered by Wix, adding a Quiz is very easy. After logging in on Wix

  • Installing your quiz on your website

    It is quite easy to install your quiz on your website but it depends on the technology you use:Wix: Install your quiz in one click if you use our app [...]

  • Size in pixels of a Fyrebox quiz

    The size of a Fyrebox quiz is 700px x 400px but you can change easily by just changing the width and height of the iframe on your website. If you are [...]

  • How to Create a Multi Scoring Quiz

    A multi scoring quiz allows you to create categories and to assign a category for each question. Each point earned for each question will be assigned [...]

  • How to format the questions of your quiz (italic, underline,..)

    If you need to change the format of a questions and emphasise certain words, use our simple markdown [...]

Integrating with Others

Your Account

  • I upgraded to the Fyrebox Wix Premium App, how do I cancel?

    As you upgraded your account on Wix, your billing is handled by them, and we don’t have access to your payment information. It means that we can’t can [...]

  • How to Change your Password

    To change your password, visit your account page at and scroll down to the password section. You can see how it looks [...]

  • Understanding Users and Users’ Permissions

    This article details the different types of Fyrebox users and users’ permissions, the differences between them, and how to manage (add and delete) use [...]

  • Understanding Subaccounts and their Use

    This article describes subaccounts. They allow our users to separate their quizzes in different workspaces. They come with a new dashboard, new API ke [...]

  • How to Change the Email of your Account

    At the moment, you need to contact us to change the email associated with your account. You can access your account at [...]

  • What are Activity Reports?

    You can edit the look and feel of your quiz thanks to our “Look & Feel”  editor or you can select an existing theme. A theme is basically a stock imag [...]

  • Set up a Subdomain / Custom Domain for your Quiz

    On Fyrebox, when you create a quiz, the url for the landing page of your quiz is located at you are [...]

  • How to Delete your Account

    The activity reports give you a report of your quizzes activity on a daily and weekly basis.Reports ContentThe content is similar for both reports. It [...]

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