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How to format the questions of your quiz (italic, underline,..)

If you need to change the format of the text to emphasise certain words, use our simple markdown options.

List of special characters (aka markdown) to change the formatting

To change the format of certain words on any text displayed on your quiz, use the list of special characters listed below:

  • To display text in bold, use two asterisks like so: **Bold Text**
  • To display text in italic, use a simple asterisk like so: *Italic Text*
  • To highlight some text , use two hashstags like so: ##Highlighted Text##
  • To display text slightly smaller , use a caret like so: ^Smaller Text^
  • To display deleted text , use two tildes like so: ~~Deleted Text~~
  • To display underlined text , use two dashes like so: --Underlined Text--
  • To display text like an old newspaper (or source code for geeks) , use a back quote like so: `Old Newspaper`

Example of Formatted Text

The formatting depends on the font you are using. Some fonts don't support bold text or italic. But here is a screenshot of a quiz that has been formatted using all the available options:

Here is how it looks like on the edit screen:

If you need any help with formatting, don't hesitate to contact us. You can send us a message with the help button displayed on the lower right corner of any page.

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