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How to Connect your Quiz to GetResponse

If you use GetResponse as your software for marketing, you can now send the emails collected by your Fyrebox quiz instantly to a list. Connecting both accounts is easy, you just need to click on a few buttons. To get started, you need:

  • A Fyrebox account (pro plan)
  • A quiz with a contact form
  • A GetResponse Account

Step 1: Copying your API key to allow Fyrebox to access your lists

The first step is to visit the account page on GetResponse and copy your API key:

GetResponse fyrebox

Step 2: Test the connection

get response test

On the page with all the integrations, enter your API key in the field, and click on the test button. If the connection is established, a check mark will be displayed (see above)

Step 3: Select a list

On the edit page of your quiz, in the integrations section, select "Yes" on the button below the GetResponse icon

getresponse select list

From then on, all the emails collected by your quiz will be sent directly to the list you selected.

If you have never heard of them: GetResponse (formerly known as Implix) is an email marketing service provider specializing in online solutions, and creating landing pages. The company is known as one of the early startups for email marketing campaigns in the late nineties and its two software products ClickWebinar, a webinar hosting provider and Clickmeeting, a video conferencing software. GetResponse currently serves 250,000 active users and its client includes GlaxoSmithKline, Carrefour, Intercontinental and others. The company received Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards in 2014 for their customer service.

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