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How to connect your quiz to MailerLite

If you use MailerLite as your software for marketing, you can now send the emails collected by your Fyrebox quiz instantly to any group(s). Connecting both accounts is easy, you just need to click on a few buttons. To get started, you need:

  • A Fyrebox account (pro plan)
  • A quiz with a contact form
  • A MailerLite Account

1. Copying your MailerLite API key to allow Fyrebox to access your groups

The first step is to visit the integrations page on your MailerLite account and click on the button “Use” for the developer API. Then copy your API key:

Mailer Kit

2. Test the connection

On the page with all the integrations, enter your API key in the field, and click on the test button. If the connection is established, a check mark will be displayed:

Mailer Lite - Fyrebox Account

3. Select one or more Groups

On the edit page of your quiz, in the integrations section, select "Yes" on the button below the MailerLite icon and select the group(s) . You can also use segmentation, which allows you to send the emails to differents forms according to rules you defined.For more information, read our article about using segmentation.

Mailer lite lists

From then on, all the emails collected by your quiz will be sent directly to the group(s) you selected.

If you have never heard of them: In 2005 we started as a web design and development agency. After a few years we discovered email marketing and fell in love with it. Since 2010 MailerLite is the only product that we develop. Today MailerLite is a team of 26 designers, developers, writers, speakers, photographers, surfers, chess players, world travellers, dreamers and genuine nice people. We're serving 271,539 users worldwide; from global brands to small business and freelancers.

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