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Create a quiz for your Weebly website

If you own a Weebly website, you can create a quiz easily from our application on the Weebly App Center.

The Fyrebox application on the Weebly App Center

In the search box, just type Fyrebox or the word "quiz"

Depending on your query, the result might different but the Fyrebox application should be displayed.

Or you can access the Fyrebox application directly by clicking here

How to add a quiz

To install the Fyrebox application on your site, just click on the button "Add" and click on the button connect.

When you accept the connection, the Fyrebox widget will be available on the left sidebar of the editor.

When you drag the widget to any location on your site, a temporary quiz will be displayed. Just click on the quiz to start editing it!

If you haven't heard of them: Weebly is a web hosting service specifically oriented for online shopping, headquartered in San Francisco. Its parent company is Weebly, and currently has more than 45 million customers around the world. Weebly was founded by Chief Executive Officer David Rusenko, Chief Technology Officer Chris Fanini, and former Chief Product Officer Dan Veltri

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