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Segmentation or How to subscribe the Players to different Lists

If you have created a quiz with different outcomes, you might want to send the player's contact information to different lists. We call it Segmentation and it now available for all third party providers that support lists. We use Mailchimp as an example but the process for other third party providers is similar

This tutorial assumes that you have connected your Mailchimp account and have at least 2 active lists. To connect your Mailchimp account, read “How to connect your Fyrebox quiz to Mailchimp”

There are 2 steps to enable Segmentation for your quiz. The first one is to enable it at the Provider level

1.Enabling Segmentation for your provider

Scroll down to the integration section of your quiz and check the box “Segmentation” for your chosen provider (Mailchimp displayed):

segmentation Mailchimp

Once this is enabled, you will have access to all of your lists for each of the outcomes of your quiz. Just select a list for each of the outcomes:

2. Select your list for each outcome – Segmenting the players

quiz Segmentation Mailchimp

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