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Connect your quiz to Klaviyo

If you use Klaviyo for your marketing needs, you can now send the emails collected by your quiz automatically to any list. Connecting both accounts is as easy as entering a few fields and clicking on a few buttons. To get started, you need:

Step 1: Allow Fyrebox to access your Klaviyo account

first step is to visit your Klaviyo account page and create a private API key:

1.1 Creating a private API key

You can create a private key from your account. Follow these 3 steps:

Click on your account on the top right corner


Then, click on Settings>API Keys


And finally, click on the button “Create Api Key” to create a Private API key


The last step is to paste your private API key on your Fyrebox account page:


1.2. Test the connection

Click on the test button and wait a few seconds for the result. You should get a check mark displayed next to the button (like the one shown above). If you get an X, please verify the information and try again. Or contact us if you need any help.

Step 2: Connect your quiz to a list

Visit the edit page of your quiz and you should get a switch to fetch all your lists on Klaviyo. Flip it to yes and within a few seconds, you should get a list of all your lists. It is shown below:


The last thing you have to do is to select one or more lists and your quiz will send the emails automatically to Klaviyo!

If you have never heard of them: Klaviyo has built database technology to make 1:1 personalized email easy. For too long companies were stuck blasting everyone with the same email. Not because they think that's what their customers want, but because they don't have a choice. Klaviyo fundamentally changes the game. Our software aggregates everything a business knows about their customers into individual profiles in our customer analytics database. We have paired that with an email platform that makes designing beautiful emails easy. Those pieces together, Klaviyo is one unified platform for personalized, 1:1 email that drives results.

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