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Create a quiz for your Thinkific course

If you use Thinkific as your Learning Management System, you can now install a quiz in the course's content or on your course's landing page. We have partenered with Thinkific to provide a seamless experience. You will find the Fyrebox application on the Thinkific App store here. To use the inegration between Thinkific and Fyrebox follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Allow Fyrebox to access your Thinkific account

When you click on the "Install" button, you will be presented with the following screen:

Upon accepting, you will be redirected to your Fyrebox dashboard. If you don't have an account with us, one will be created automatically using the email of your Thinkific account.

Step 2: Connect your quiz to Thinkific

From then on, when you create a quiz from your Fyrebox dashboard, you will see the Thinkific logo in the integrations section, along with a switch to automatically enrol the participants of your quiz on your courses.

If you click "Yes", the list of all your courses will be displayed as shown below

Step 3: Select the course

Just click on the box next to the course you wish to enroll the participants

From then on, the participants of your quiz will be enrolled automatically on the courses you selected

Step 4: Install your quiz on your Thinkific course

The method is different if you plan to install it on a landing page or as one of the chapter of the course.

Display your quiz in the content of your course

To install a quiz as a chapter of your course, copy the link to your quiz on the page "Share" .

On the Thinkific course editor, click on "Add Lesson" and select "Multimedia"

Enter a name for the chapter of your quiz and paste the link to your quiz

Visit the chapter of your quiz to ensure that the quiz is displayed properly

Display your quiz on the landing page of your quiz

To install a quiz on the landing page of your course, visit the "Share" page of your quiz and copy the Thinkific slug, as shown below:

On the Thinkific site builder, click on "Add Section", scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Fyrebox Quiz"

Select your prefered format (Classic or Conversation) and paste the slug you copied earlier in the "Quiz Slug" section. The page should refresh automatically. Your quiz should now be displayed. Don't forget to save your page.

Step 5: Create a Site Welcome Email

We strongly encourage you to create a site welcome email. Your quiz' participants will receive it as soon as they fill the contact form on your quiz. If the quiz is the only way to enrol in your course, you can thank them for playing. You should also mention if they have been enrolled in the preview or the full course. To enable site welcome email, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Support Your Students
  • Select Notifications
  • Make sure you are on the Student notifications tab
  • Click the toggle beside Site welcome
  • Your Site Welcome Email is on when the toggle appears yellow and is on the right

You can read more about site welcome emails on the Thinkific Support Documentation here

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