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  • Contact Us / Visit Us

    There are many ways to contact us or visit us:Send us a support request from any page on the fyrebox websiteSend us an email at info[at]fyrebox.comVis [...]

  • Did you say Quiz Maker? How it can benefit your Business

    There are many advantages in using a quiz maker. It makes it easy to create customized quizzes for your website and facebook page. A quiz is  a great [...]

  • Data Safety

    Data safety is important to us. All pages of our website are served with an SSL certificate meaning all the data transfer cannot be interpreted.When y [...]

  • Fyrebox Premium Plans

    Upgrading to a Fyrebox Premium Planf you decide to subscribe to one of the Fyrebox premium plans, your credit card will be charged monthly on the same [...]

  • Your Quiz in 19 Foreign Languages

    Fyrebox is available in 39 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese,... It will detect the [...]

  • Create Your First Quiz with Fyrebox

    Upon signing up, you will land on your dashboard. There, you can select a quiz based on the goals you are trying to achieve. Here is the description f [...]

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