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Did you say Quiz Maker? How it can benefit your Business

Why using a Quiz?

There are many advantages in using a quiz maker. It makes it easy to create customized quizzes for your website and Facebook page. A quiz is  a great way to engage your audience and to generate leads.

News media company BuzzFeed discovered the power of quizzes as a lead generation tool a few years ago. The site’s quiz "What City Should You Actually Live In?" reached around 20 million views.

Summer Anne Burton, former head of the quiz team at BuzzFeed, was looking at traffic stats and which posts had performed well at the end of last year. She noticed how well quizzes were doing for the site. Burton told the Huffington Post: "Our most shared post was this quiz called "Which Grease Pink Lady Are You?". It had not been a big hit when it was first published [...] Its popularity didn’t rise and fall quickly but trailed for months.

Example of a Fyrebox Quiz

Why using a quiz Maker?

Now we have established that using a quiz is a great way to enhance your website, why using a quiz maker? Well, the main reason is money. If you send a quote to a web development company to create a quiz similar to the ones on Fyrebox, it would cost at least $5000. Not only the quiz itself has to be developed but some additional development is needed to save the leads and collects data on the quiz, the same way Fyrebox does it. And if you require any changes, a web developer would charge you an hourly rate. As your quiz is stored on our server, if you change any elements in your quiz, the changes will be available instantly anywhere your quiz is installed. Also, Fyrebox comes with unlimited quizzes for free, which saves you thousands of dollars in development costs.

To summarize, we have created a short video to explain the benefits of using a quiz on your website.

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