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Adding users and setting their permissions

This article details the different types of Fyrebox users and users’ permissions, the differences between them, and how to manage (add and delete) users.


There are three types of Fyrebox users: Owner, Admin and quiz Maker.

Admins have access to most of the tabs on the Account page and can make changes to a Fyrebox account which will affect all users.

Owners, like Admins, have access to all the tabs of the Account page. Unlike Admins, Owners can access the Subscription, Address, languages,  Invoices pages in the Admin area.

Quiz Makers can just change their email address and password. quiz Makers members cannot make changes to a Fyrebox account that affect other users. They can create/edit/delete quizzes

Users’ Permissions

Owner: All access and permissions. With the same permissions as an Admin, this user can additionally access the Subscription, Address and Invoices pages on the Account page, create, edit and delete users.

Admin: In addition to all quiz Makers permissions, an Admin can access most of the tabs of Fyrebox Account page, excluding the Your Plan, Settings, Users and Invoices pages. Admins can make changes that are visible to all users. Admins can integrate with third-party software.

Quiz Makers:

  • Create / Edit /  Delete Quizzes
  • Access Statistics
  • Access Leads

quiz makers cannot:

  • access account API keys
  • change account settings
  • integrate with third-party software

You can change a user’s permissions in Account > Users.

User management

Only Owners can make changes to other users.

Owners can add, delete and manage users in Account > Users.

To add a user, navigate to your Account page  and click on the tab Users, then select “Invite User”. Enter the users’ Name and Email, then click “Invite User”. This will send an invitation email to the new user.

To delete a user, navigate to Account > Users, then click “Delete” in the row next to the user you would like to delete and confirm the deletion.

To change a users role or notification settings, navigate toAccount > Users, select the user you would like to edit, click Role and select the new role.  The user will have to log out and log back in for his role to be updated

Set up a subdomain / custom domain - Deprecated

You can choose a custom subdomain for all of your quizzes

Creating subaccounts

A subaccount has its own dashboard, API key and integrations page.

Cancel a Wix subscription

As you purchased a subscription on Wix, they handle your billing, so you need to cancel it from your Wix account.

Delete your account

You can delete your account on your account page.

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