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Creating subaccounts

This article describes subaccounts. They allow our users to separate their quizzes in different workspaces. They come with a new dashboard, new API key, new subdomain/domain and a new integrations page. They are only available to our users subscribed the Pro Team plan.

How to Create a Subaccount

To create a subaccount, just visit your Account>Subaccount and click on the button "Add Subaccount". On the form, just enter a name for the account and click on the button “Create”. The account page will refresh showing the updated list.

How to Use a Subaccount

To use a subaccount, just visit Account>Subaccount and click on the purple button showing an arrow on the same line as the subaccount you want to use. This will switch your account to the subaccount where you can create quizzes, integrate with third party software. To switch back the parent, click on the icon on the top right corner and click on "Exit Subaccount".

How to Delete a Subaccount

To delete a subaccount, just visit Account>Subaccount and click on the bin icon button showing an arrow on the same as the subaccount you wish to delete. Then just confirm the deletion. 

Cancel a Wix subscription

As you purchased a subscription on Wix, they handle your billing, so you need to cancel it from your Wix account.

Change your account password

To change your password, visit your account page.

Adding users and setting their permissions

With a pro team subscription, you can give access to your account to five users and choose their permissions.

Change your account email

You can change the email of your account on your account page.

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