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  • I upgraded to the Fyrebox Wix Premium App, how do I cancel?

    As you upgraded your account on Wix, your billing is handled by them, and we don’t have access to your payment information. It means that we can’t can [...]

  • How to Change your Password

    To change your password, visit your account page at and scroll down to the password section. You can see how it looks [...]

  • Understanding Users and Users’ Permissions

    This article details the different types of Fyrebox users and users’ permissions, the differences between them, and how to manage (add and delete) use [...]

  • Understanding Subaccounts and their Use

    This article describes subaccounts. They allow our users to separate their quizzes in different workspaces. They come with a new dashboard, new API ke [...]

  • How to Change the Email of your Account

    At the moment, you need to contact us to change the email associated with your account. You can access your account at [...]

  • What are Activity Reports?

    You can edit the look and feel of your quiz thanks to our “Look & Feel”  editor or you can select an existing theme. A theme is basically a stock imag [...]

  • Set up a Subdomain / Custom Domain for your Quiz

    On Fyrebox, when you create a quiz, the url for the landing page of your quiz is located at you are [...]

  • How to Delete your Account

    The activity reports give you a report of your quizzes activity on a daily and weekly basis.Reports ContentThe content is similar for both reports. It [...]

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