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Daily and weekly activity reports

The activity reports give you a report of the activity of your quizzes daily or weekly.

Reports Content

The content is similar for both reports. It contains the number of plays of your quiz and the details for each of your quizzes. If you have set up your quiz to collect email addresses, they will be displayed in the report as well. Please find below what a typical report (daily report without leads):

How to Turn off/Turn on Reports

Are you receiving too many reports? You can switch to weekly reports or turn off reporting altogether in your account page at Here is what the buttons looks like:

Cancel a Wix subscription

As you purchased a subscription on Wix, they handle your billing, so you need to cancel it from your Wix account.

Change your account password

To change your password, visit your account page.

Adding users and setting their permissions

With a pro team subscription, you can give access to your account to five users and choose their permissions.

Creating subaccounts

A subaccount has its own dashboard, API key and integrations page.

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